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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Day In & Day Out Is Now Free

I've been thinking a  lot about what I've set out to accomplish lately, and I've come to the conclusion that I have been a huge hypocrite. Soon, I will be posting an article here about an interview I recently conducted with Michael W. Dean regarding copyright law. We talked all about how copyright law is bad for society, and how intellectual property rights are actually hurting artists. Also, Cory Doctorow, someone I look up to as an author, has always been against copyright law (at least as long as I've been a fan of him, which admittedly hasn't been long. His website is here).

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I've realized now that I'd rather have people share my ideas for what they are, and share them freely. As such, I have made Day In & Day Out free at Smashwords, and it will soon disseminate to other markets as well. If you've been reserved about getting yourself a copy before now, please hesitate no longer.
I apologize about before, and I hope you'll forgive me. If you do end up enjoying this short story, I hope you'll share it with a friend. Whether you give him a link to get it from Smashwords himself or just make a copy for his ereader it's OK. The Creative Commons license in the book supports your right to share this information as many times as you like with whoever you like.
At this point in time, the license does not allow for derivative works to be made or distributed, among other protections. I still have some qualms about intellectual property, being an artist, but maybe with time, people like MWD might be able to soften me up.
Perhaps eventually I will release a physical product (I'm currently thinking of doing a collection of short stories, let me know what you think of that idea below!) but until I do, I'll just be happy knowing people are reading and (hopefully) enjoying what I've written.
I have to write an apology here, as there were two peaople who actually purchased my ebook without using any free coupon or deal. They were both charged the same $0.99 for the eBook, of which from Smashwords I received $0.56, and from Amazon I received $0.35 (which should be a big red flag to those of you who are still selling your eBooks to make sure to diversify, by the way) (UPDATE:4/28/14-I have now officially earned $1.05 on Amazon, and am in the process of getting it priced matched to free. If you're reading this, please go to my Amazon book page and look for the link that asks if you've found a lower price. Once you click on that, please enter this link: as the one where you found it for free.) I don't know who you are, but I apologize that I cannot give you your money back. I made a mistake, and I'm sorry you had to pay for it, but I do want to say that I appreciate the relative risk you took on a literally (pun intended) unknown author.

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Hopefully this image of money will help ease some of the pain... 

I appreciate the support I have gotten for this story so far, and I hope that with it being available to all free of charge, it will get the readership it deserves. So please, be my guest! Feel free to get your copy of Day In & Day Out for free at Smashwords (I can't set the price to free yet with Amazon, but when I do I'll update this post. There are a variety of file options available from Smashwords and you should be able to find one you could use easily enough)!
Also, look for my interview with Michael W. Dean, which will air on Freedom Feens on Sunday, May 5th! While you're there (if you're into this sort of thing), I highly recommend you get uTorrent if you don't have it already and download (and seed!) all of their old podcasts and whatnot on their Torrents page!
Thanks again to everyone who has helped me throughout the years, and again I truly hope you all enjoy reading my short story. Look for more to come soon!

UPDATE: I was not able to change my book to free with Amazon, and in fact was only able to set the price as low as $0.99, but there is a link on the book's sales page here where you can tell them about a lower price you found for the same item elsewhere, and they should do price matching. I may actually end up pulling the book from their shelves altogether. After all, with Smashwords my book is available in .mobi, which is a Kindle format, but I don't think it would have as wide of a distribution, so who knows. We'll see what happens. As always, keep your eyes peeled and on the lookout for updates about this from me in the future!

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