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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Horrible Poetry Wednesday #5

This week's post will be just as groan-inducing and laughable as any other. However, This one is a little special. It has a bit of a hidden meaning to it. Something having to do with the movie industry. See if you can figure it out.
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Otherwise, enjoy the train wreck that you knew was inevitable. After all, it's the reason you came here isn't it?


I wish that I could find that place,
That special place of others’ faith,
So that I might have one last chance,
To spin life’s dance into a trance.

I want to have the great adventure,
I want to feel like they do in those films,
I wish I could make some lasting impression,
‘Stead of spending seconds in others’ realms.

I thought that I had all that I needed,
And I felt that my beliefs had been seated,
But I feel as if something went missing.
What if my heart is what’s been deleted?

Could any longer I still play?
Should any longer I make others stay?
Should I be the object of my own nightmares?

Could I still wipe away others’ tears?

I am alone now, slowly spiraling down to the depths of mystery,
I am wallowing in, and following in others’ fulfilling misery.

Does anyone still hear my plea?
From a soul lost in a time of chivalry?
Everyone feels like they are so high and mighty
While they too are stuck in this dark well with me… 
Please let me know what you thought of the poem in the comments below. If you have a submission for a future Horrible Poetry Wednesday post, please email me the details at chrisbaca2013 at gmail dot com. Thanks for reading, and as always, I appreciate your support!

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