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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Customer Service Meltdown (non-edited)

This was funny for about five seconds, and then it just became sad. I actually feel bad for both parties involved. I can understand wanting to speak with someone who offered to help and not being able to, or being frustrated at a system that you can't understand. I maybe don't agree with his reaction, but we each have different levels of tolerance for things that make us angry or push our buttons. This guy had just reached his limit.

And it's obvious by his own comments that he regrets reacting in this way, and at some of the last words, "If you get me again, just tell me you already talked to me so I don't put you through this again," he just sounds like a man at the end of his rope.

But I've also been the guy with the headset on, rubbing my temples and calming myself. Reminding myself to try to be understanding, or to "empathize" with the guy who's screaming his head off at me, even though it's the fifth person in a row that I've talked to that has done so.

So I definitely can say that that is not a fun position to be in. Especially if you actually want to help the guy. If you really wanted to help him, there was no opening or possibility that he gave you to do so. If he would've just given this guy Mark the password for his account, half of the discussion may have been avoided. Although, with the way he was screaming, I'm not sure it would've ended any better...

What do you think? How do you think you'd react if you got this guy on the phone?

I also suggest checking out the guys YouTube channel here. A lot of people have said that it's fake and that this guy isn't who he says he is. He's claiming to be a former employee of the company and this is a recording he held on to from four years ago. He had this to say about the video:

"In case you want to take the video and upload it to your channel or use it for anything, go ahead. I found the audio, but it belongs to the internet. I actually think it'd be really cool if someone wanted to animate it better.

It sounds like the original issue was that the company missed an appointment. Somehow the issue escalated to where a Michelle (probably a supervisor in a department who could do more to help) was made aware of the situation. She called him and left a voicemail and then probably went home. When the customer called back and tried to reach her or her department, because they had gone home, he kept being rerouted to the customer service/technical support department. After over 3 hours of it, he had had enough. This is his epic meltdown."
He obviously isn't worried about any backlash if this is real also saying that " I can't get fired, cause I'm already gone. I'm banking on the hope that if the company knows it's them, which I think they do, they don't want to take any action against me because that would expose who they are..."

Do you think this is a real video? It certainly doesn't seem outside the realm of possibility from my experience. What do you think? Was he right in posting this video on YouTube?

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