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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Horrible Poetry Wednesday #4

It's that time again! It is my sincere hope that this laughable poetry of mine from days long past will provide you some joy to help you get through the rest of the week! Let me know what you think in the comments below! Also, if you have poetry you'd like to submit for Horrible Poetry Wednesday, let me know!

This week, I want to share a piece with you from an exceptionally Horrible period of my writing life. This piece comes from a time when I had aspirations of being a rapper. Yes, at one point in time folks, I thought I'd be able to perform a rap onstage without laughing uncontrollably at myself. Here's a leftover from that time, that I leave here for you to laugh about with your friends and family as much as you want!

The Question...
By: Chris Baca

What if people all around you were infinitely good? What if everybody did only what they should?
What if you fixed all the problems in this world? What if evil's hold on Earth could be unfurled?
What if no one again came out of a broken home? What if people weren't exiled, to homelessly roam?
What if you had the power to make this all happen? Would you step up to it because of my rappin'?
Or would you let it all go, get rid of the gift, so you could continue with your selfish bliss?
What if I told you your life here was the key, to change all the grief and the helpless in need?
Which path would you take, good or bad? Would you have people feel love, or keep them all sad?
One last question: do you truly know good from bad or has your whole life truly been had?

So, pretty bad right? It took a lot for me to post this, and I was cringing with every keystroke, but here it is. All of it's Horrible glory is here for you to revel in, just don't mock me to harshly.

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