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Monday, March 3, 2014

Random Haiku

          Thanks for the feedback on the first chapter of my new short story I've received so far! I appreciate everyone's thoughts.
          Today I thought I'd post some random Haiku that I've written for your enjoyment, and I encourage you to share your favorites (either from among these or wherever) in the comments section below! I look forward to seeing what interests you!

          Some of these have titles. Some don't. They range from funny to contemplative.

Hiccups really suck.
Especially when you can't
Make them go away
Glorious Sunlight.
Rays spark imagination.
I walk toward it.
We come here to learn,
We're turned back, dissatisfied.
We leave in despair.
I am Enlightened.
I have become one with all.
What was I saying?
Battles are not won
By sheer force of will alone
But with discipline.

          Well, what do you guys think? Will this help to tide you over until the release of (we really gotta title this thing) my latest short story?

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